Whatever your business is, if you want to reach out to Philippine corporations, we can help you achieve your objective. We can help run B2B marketing campaigns specific to your target market.

We can define companies in a specific industry/sub-industry or a particular revenue size. Contact us to find out more of our service. Business leads need to be generated constantly. If your company is looking for companies to contact, it’s critical that you have an updated database with the most current information available.

  • Our corporate database has accurate information about your potential prospects.
  • Leverage our flexibility for you to reach specific prospects of your business.
  • Use many insightful demographics to filter the business leads from our corporate database.

    An industry-specific database can save your team time because they include the contact information for people in the specific market niche you’re targeting. A generic list may waste your team’s time and resources on leads who simply don’t have a legitimate need for the products or services you’re selling. It also means industry-specific databases are more valuable than a generic list.

    If you want to learn more about a company’s profile — view their general information sheet and financial statement, access the actual data by visiting our company data viewer portal.

    Access the portal and login with your PBPPI Account to see our data.

    Don't have an account yet? Contact us to find out how to register.